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The tasks put before our company today can only be mastered through joint performance of all employees. Therefore the thought of good teamwork has to be the foundation of the relationships between superiors and staff members and also between each separate division.
We want to offer our customer’s products of high quality gain their approval and establish a long lasting relationship. We want to focus our efforts on applications that require a high technical standard. Our company needs to grow. Our growth is only limited to our financial possibilities and our ability to design produces that are needed in the market and to sell such with profit.
The success of our company is shared by the abilities and the personal commitment of every employee. Therefore we expect the staff members to identify themselves with our company and their tasks. To support and enforce these general principals are the main focus of our personnel policy. The secret to success are a clear target and detailed instructions that allow us to place each and every one according to his capabilities and maximize the performance.
We want to attain success by goal-driven action. That is why our employees have to support the realization of their goals by knowing what they want to achieve. Every team member is expected to act and decide independently; therefore bearing responsibility is very important for every employee. The ability to work together in an honest, partnership like environment requires sufficient information. This information has to be exchanged between superiors and employees and also between the different divisions of the company.
Cooperative leadership does not release the superior from his or her managerial responsibility. To evaluate results, control is necessary. It has to be done in a way that employees become motivated and the expected success will follow. The evaluation of employees is the foundation of appreciation and criticism and should result in the personal development of each staff member.